When Nancy Durst, 75, bought a $3000 mattress from a "charming" salesman, she says she totally believed it would free her from chronic back pain.

She soon realised she had been cast under a spell by his slick sales techniques and, by the time the mattress arrived, she had changed her mind.

"I realised how stupid I'd been," she says. "He was the ultimate salesperson. I told him about my back problems and he told me this was just what I needed to take the pain away. He was as slick as an oil can and very pushy."

Durst bought the mattresses at a sales seminar, advertised as an information evening with a complimentary dinner.


After nine months of chasing the company, Durst got a refund. But under proposed new laws, she would be entitled to change her mind within five working days of signing up.

Durst says she is pleased to see the Government is taking notice of how easy it is to make a bad buy when under pressure.

But most of all, she wants a legally binding register of homes that cannot be called or visited by sales people.

"I had four phone calls from HRV [ventilation systems] in one week. I told them all I wasn't interested, and you wouldn't believe the same company came knocking on my door. It's unbelievable."