Ten maids, six Sher-minators (female terminators), five chickens, one blue Avatar, one mummy, three genies, doctors, nurses and an airline pilot were among 73 arrested overnight as Christchurch students celebrated the end of lectures.

From 8am yesterday until 8am today Canterbury and Lincoln universities hosted their annual end of year concerts, which involved costume-clad students drinking and celebrating the annual end of year Tea and Garden parties.

The event attracted more than 1740 people, according to Facebook.

By 9am today, all those arrested had sobered up and gone home, feeling "worse for wear", Senior Sergeant Neru Leifi said.


"Once we'd done the processing, they were sent on their way."
All were given a pre-charge warning for breaching the liquor ban and would not have to appear in court.

Police advised all of them to text their friends to warn them against stepping out into the liquor ban area because they would probably be arrested.

Mr Leifi said the students had done really well with their costumes.

"The best one was Avatar."

Most of the maids and nurses were males, he said.

"The first arrested person was a maid and he looked pretty good as a maid, just quietly."

For the most part the students were compliant with the police, Mr Leifi said.