Dropping a cigarette butt or chewing gum in Taupo could set you back $100 following changes to the council's littering policy.

The Taupo District Council has issued a public notice informing residents of its decision to increase the fines for those caught littering.

Under the changes, a discarded cigarette butt or piece of chewing gum discarded improperly in public could result in a $100 fine, while more serious offenses, such as dumping dangerous goods, could mean a fine up to $400 for the litterer.

Council group manager operational services, Gareth Green, said the previous fine of $20 had not been an adequate amount to deter littering.


"There are rubbish bins and options for discarding litter and most people use them. This change is primarily to dissuade people from untidy actions," he said.

The proposed infringement offences and fees will be further considered by the council at its next meeting on October 30.

- nzherald.co.nz