Slow internet access is New Zealand's number one "first world problem", a survey has found.

According to the UNICEF NZ and UMR Research survey, 80 per cent of respondents complained about waiting for websites to load.

Next on Kiwis' gripe list was not being able to find something in the supermarket (65 per cent), followed by bad tasting fruit (55 per cent), getting a terrible haircut (42 per cent), the TV remote not working (36 per cent), having to move to get mobile coverage (34 per cent), the barista not making coffee how you like it (31 per cent), not being able to access email or the internet (31 per cent), your couch being comfortable (21 per cent) and not being able to win a game on your mobile phone or console (21 per cent).

The survey marks the launch of a new online video campaign, starring New Zealand actor Grant Roa, making fun of the trivial things Kiwis often complain about.


In the survey, 88 per cent of respondents said they get annoyed with people over-reacting to minor situations, 78 per cent say they cannot stand the attention given to the lives of celebrities, and 68 per cent are irked by those who over-share on Facebook.

Richard Boyd, digital marketing manager at UNICEF NZ, said there is a serious message behind the campaign and hoped it can introduce people to the some of the "real world problems affecting kids and their families in the developing world".

"Every day UNICEF is working on the ground in over 190 countries, from the Solomon Islands to Syria, to make life better for children. Our work includes helping children who have been child soldiers, giving people access to clean water, ensuring children can attend school and so much more. As a charity relying on voluntary donations, there's so much more we can do with the support of New Zealanders."