Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include the crowning of a new Miss Aotearoa, the Nude Blacks take on the Springboks, and Spring is officially here.

The Nude Blacks were in action against the Springbox in Dunedin at the weekend, with the game caught on video.

The tears on the face of Hinemoana Huata-Cracknell silenced the audience at the Tabard Theatre.

With the advent of the Hastings Blossom Parade, spring is now officially here.


Cheyenne Marie Orchard helped punch a woman she was robbing in the head while her male accomplice held the woman down before she drove off dragged the victim along the road as she held onto the car door, but she won't go to jail.

A recycling station at the entrance to Okaihau became a magnet for all sorts of rubbish. Meanwhile Rotorua locals continue to illegally dump rubbish around the city.
Security has been beefed up around Northland rugby's Taniwha mascot.

Kevin Snedden was out on bail for drink driving when he blew more than twice the legal alcohol limit.

At times Val Burr thinks she only dreamed about having a loving daughter.

The body of a 52-year-old man has been recovered from the Urewera Ranges.

A mystery car found upside down at Pukehina sparked a late night search effort.

The job market in the Bay of Plenty is apparently beginning to bounce back.

Charities are finding it hard to raise funds.

A new study has found the importance of commercially farmed kingfish having less sex.

One of the biggest killers in hospitals around the world is still not well known among patients.

Police were left shaking their heads on Saturday evening after a car-load of young people walked away from a spectacular crash.

Meanwhile a domestic dispute in Pakipaki ended with a three-car collision and a person being tasered.

Kiwi ingenuity and No. 8 wire creativity is evident in Gisborne man Ethan Williams' science fiction-inspired costumes.

Ben Hawea is homeless and suffers from chronic addiction to petrol sniffing.

Grieving father Doug Meyrick has forgiven bullies he suspects threatened his teenage daughter Gabrielle the night she suddenly died.

The blowtorch is apparently on Dunedin City Council staff.

A rare carnivorous worm which belongs to a species 500 million years old is lurking within Dunedin city limits.

Malaysian tourist Soong Sai Yee proposed to his girlfriend more than a week ago, and the happy couple are still celebrating.

New Zealand's first treetop walkway is weaving its way skyward behind Lake Mahinapua.

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- Herald online