A hotel haunted by a ghost who likes tall men is for sale.

Guests at the Foveaux Hotel in Bluff regularly claim a bedroom door has been opened by a female ghost.

Owner Nikki Little believed the ghost was of Mary Cameron, the original owner of the Temperance Hotel which was constructed on the Gore Street site in 1899.

The Temperance Hotel was demolished to make way for the construction of the art deco-style Foveaux Hotel in the 1930s, but Mary's spirit apparently lived on in the premises.


She said the ghost tended to favour tall male guests staying in room two.

"Every time we have tall men staying in room two they report the bedroom door opening by itself. Sometimes they complain to us that the door is broken or won't close but when we go up it just closes. But it's not a scary ghost," she said.

The hotel will be auctioned by Bayleys in Queenstown on September 27.