Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has revealed a photograph of his luxury car being chased by a mysterious helicopter.

The multi-millionaire internet mogul's life has often mirrored a Hollywood movie in recent months, after the FBI raided his lavish Auckland mansion, threw him in jail and seized his substantial assets.

And now, he has posted an image on Twitter which seems to show him being hunted by a low-flying black chopper.

"Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear," he illusively captioned the picture in a tweet to his 135,000 followers last night.


It soon sparked a flurry of online comments speculating over the origins of the image.

"Kim Dotcom just posted an image of a helicopter chasing his car," Gizmodo reported.

"Is that the New Zealand police? The FBI in a rented helicopter? The press? A playful friend?

"He hasn't shared any more details, but it's pretty amazing, in a Ray Liotta's Goodfellas kind of way."

Dotcom later responded to some of the more conspiratorial reaction to say: "It was a friendly helicopter."

German-born Dotcom was arrested in January after a raid on his Auckland mansion.

He has been released on bail while he awaits a US extradition hearing, expected next year.