Police are likening the actions of a cannabis-smoking tagger to the movie Dumb and Dumber after an early morning arrest.

Sergeant Mike Brooklands, of Kaiapoi, could hardly contain his laughter after rousing a 33-year-old tagging suspect yesterday who'd travelled from Dunedin overnight with a companion.

Police were alerted after a member of the public found graffiti sprayed over rocks and a rubbish bin at Kairaki Beach.

Sergeant Brooklands said it appeared the pair fell asleep after drinking too much and smoking cannabis.


"One of them had decided to tag the rocks and rubbish bin to match the tag on the rear of his car," Mr Brooklands said.

"They were asleep in the car when we knocked on the window and woke them up."

Sergeant Brooklands said the 33-year-old still had bright green paint on his hands. Spray cans were found in the rubbish bin and in the car. Cannabis and smoking paraphernalia were also found in the vehicle.

The older man was charged with intentional damage and possessing cannabis and summonsed to appear in Rangiora District Court on September 19.