Homeowners with red-zoned properties on the Port Hills overlooking Christchurch will receive updates on their situation next week, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority said today.

Since June, 406 properties on the Port Hills have been red-zoned due to the life risk associated with rock fall and cliff collapse.

A further 45 properties are still zoned white while the final analysis on their land is completed.

Cera chief executive Roger Sutton said owners of eligible properties in the Port Hills would receive information about their red zone offer from next week.


He said the government offer would be "very similar" to that offered to owners of eligible properties on flat land.

However, there were some differences.

The offer would be valid for 12 months or until August 31, 2013, whichever comes first, but the settlement date would be six weeks after the sale and purchase agreement was signed.

This would allow for expedited settlement and had been put in place due to the life risk associated with the Port Hills properties.

"This will allow these property owners to have enough time to consider the offer, but for those who make their decision early in the process, it will mean completing the sale much faster," Mr Sutton said.

"This is not the same as the process outlined for owners in the flat land, but this is necessary given the life risk associated with these Port Hills properties."