Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include a shipwreck up North that some believe may pre-date Able Tasman, a former witch who thinks she has aussie outlaw Ned Kelly's skull and an innovative new fundraising idea that involves pony poos.

A mystery shipwreck found near Dargaville apparently predates Captain Cook and could date back to the 1500s.

Anna Hoffman was at a party in Melbourne in the late 1970s and happened to mention to a 'guy in uniform' that she collected skulls, so he gave her what is apparently the skull of Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.

The newest fundraising idea at Woodend School Fair involves betting on where a pony will take a crap.


While caught up in a shark feeding frenzy in Tahiti, extreme fisherman Matt Watson was apparently inspired to take up boxing.

All Black Zac Guildford's brother Victor has been sent home to his mother after his third conviction for drink driving. Meanwhile Edna Ashby has been sentenced to to 75 hours community work for selling $19 worth of fish from the boot of her car because she caught too much to eat.

A severe weather-watch is in place for Northland.

One of several people jailed for abusing 3-year-old Nia Glassie, Michael Pearson, has been sent back to prison.

Four people including young children are lucky to be alive after becoming trapped on rocks by rough seas at Opape Beach near Opotiki.

It looks like parts of the Bay of Plenty kiwifruit industry are exploiting desperate foreign students for labour and paying them as little as $8 per hour.

More stoned drivers are being caught in Tauranga than anywhere else in the country.

Citizens of Te Puia say it feels like their township is being shut down after the government announced it was going to close the 100 year old school and demolish it.
Mount Hikurangi features in a new international tourism advertising campaign which also features a bearded man looking really amazed and excited when he sees the door to a hobbit house.

Over in Wanganui, if you missed it, the Beast is free. Meanwhile three youths threatened the Castlecliff Four Square shopkeeper with a tomahawk.

The Wanganui vicar is welcoming gays.

Near Tiraumea, the driver's friend, who was following behind in another vehicle, saw the accident happen and his mate "flying through the air."

While investigating a complaint, a Masterton noise control officer was bitten by a dog.

Frustrated Christchurch police are being swamped with burglary cases, many of which they don't have time to investigate.

Pre-schoolers in Christchurch are tutoring their kindy teachers on how to use an iPad.

Denise from Ashburton has dismissed new research on cannabis use affecting intelligence levels, saying she has smoked for more than 30 years and feels fine.

Ashburton Business Association has very briefly considered adopting the "Ashvegas" name that has "haunted Ashburton for decades".

Meanwhile Ashburton's earthquake demolition waste is piling up at Winchmore.

Over in Dunedin, Hayden William Wilson announced on Facebook he was going to throw his motorcycle into the harbour and then claim insurance, and then that's what he did.

Otago University postgraduate students took part in what they believe was only the world's third university Twitter conference devoted to thesis-based research.

Meanwhile at Oamaru Public Gardens an elderly man came off his mobility scooter and fell into the Oamaru creek.

And Franz Josef Glacier residents fear the West Coast's main tourist town will become a Ghetto.

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