Exonerated rugby star Rene Ranger did more than groom himself nicely for his court appearance.

Two months before his trial for assaulting Jason Dick outside the Mangawhai Tavern in 2009 - for which Ranger was found not guilty - he had his head shaved at a Kamo Rugby Club fundraiser for cancer treatment in Northland.

Project Promise was set up by the Northland Community Foundation to raise $3 million in three years to build an oncology unit at Whangarei Hospital. More than $1m has been collected. Kamo Rugby Club raised $5500 at the Shave it or Save it event.

It was organised by club stalwart Chris Finlayson, who has been battling breast cancer. Players were auctioned for shaves or waxes or paid up if they wanted to save their hair.


Ranger's hair gathered $300 in the auction, and he matched that amount to keep it. But he had it shaved off anyway.

Twenty-two heads were shaved, one back and one set of armpits, and one chest was waxed.

"This fundraiser was a feel-good event for Kamo Rugby Club and Project Promise. The help and support Rene gave us really set the tone for the event," says Williamson.

Last week the Herald on Sunday featured Ranger's tidy haircut in an article on grooming for court appearances.

Ranger's agent Simon Porter said he had not been aware of the charity headshave when speaking to the Herald on Sunday last week.

However, Ranger clearly liked the clean look. He also shaved off his beard for court.