White supremacy flyers have again been distributed to Hawke's Bay letterboxes, provoking another outcry from residents who describe them as nothing but rubbish.

The flyers were distributed along Danvers St in Havelock North on Wednesday night and purport the "white race" needs saving, it is "alright to be white" and express strong anti-immigration messages.

It is not the first time white supremacy flyers have been delivered to properties in the area. When flyers were distributed to letterboxes in May, it provoked a similar response.

They are linked to a group called the Right Wing Resistance, the New Zealand arm of which is believed to have been founded by Kyle Chapman in Christchurch and claims to have branches throughout New Zealand.


The organisation's website mission statement declares it is against: "Mass immigration, the dilution of our European culture and pride and the current multicultural agenda created by the current government networks, designed to destroy our colonial rights and identity."

One Havelock North resident, who declined to be named, said the ideology featuring on the flyers was "bull****".

"We're supposed to be multicultural and one people," he said. "All that does is stir up racial hatred and is intent on dividing the country."

Havelock North resident Thomas Cunningham, who also found a flyer in his letterbox, said it was "absolute rubbish".

"It could probably be one of the worst possible things that could happen in New Zealand. There shouldn't be any difference between white and black. We should all be living side by side, taking care of each other," Mr Cunningham said.

Phone calls to the contact number listed on the flyers went straight to voicemail and messages left by Hawke's Bay Today were not returned.

New Zealand Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said the Right Wing Resistance group was not representative of the wider community.

"All I can say is they are offensive, it's not inherently illegal, but the police are very interested in keeping tabs on the group," he said.