Hawkes Bay police shut down one raffle they were certain would not have been drawn under their supervision - the first prize was a bag of cannabis.

"Not something you get every day,'' was how Napier Senior Sergeant Eion Evans put it.

The man was plying his fundraising trade in Clive Square about 1pm on Friday and approached a couple of members of the public asking if they wanted to share the high of winning a raffle.

They backed off when told what the prize was.


"We had a foot patrol down that way and members of the public approached and made them aware what they had come across.''

The officers quickly headed to the square but the raffle seller, his book of tickets and promise of a bag of dope had got wind and done a runner.

"But we know who he is - he's already wanted on warrants.''

It was not known how much "weed'' was up for grabs, or whether he had been trying to raise money to pay his way clear of the outstanding warrants.