An appeal to police for help to get Mona Dotcom to hospital the evening after the raid on the mansion was met with police instruction to call an ambulance.

Kim Dotcom's lawyer Paul Davison described the response by police as 'pathetic' during questioning in the High Court at Auckland today.

The Crown is attempting to overturn a finding that invalid search warrants were used in the raid on Dotcom's Coatesville mansion.

The January 20 raid followed an FBI request for help with its global investigation into alleged copyright violation by Dotcom's Megaupload filesharing company.


Detective sergeant Steve Humphries, who oversaw the 27 officers tasked with searching the mansion, rejected the claim their response was inadequate, saying police were not medical experts.

Mr Humphries confirmed police staff had been briefed Mrs Dotcom was pregnant with twins at the time of the January raid.

Mr Davison said she began experiencing early contractions at about 10pm this evening.

Bodyguard Wayne Tempero went to the mansion from a neighbouring property and spoke to the officer in charge of family liaison, the court heard.

After explaining Mrs Dotcom needed to go to hospital, Mr Tempero was told to 'call an ambulance', said Mr Davison.

He said it then took 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

Mr Davison said it was a 'pathetic response' after police had seized phones and transport.

Mr Humphries said police were not trained medical staff and it was not their role.

He said if life, safety or welfare was at risk then those issues would come before any operation.