There's little prospect sodden ground will get a chance to dry up this week, with a bout of heavy rain on the way for both islands.

Whilst we're not in for another "eight-day low" the rain could last until Thursday or Friday.

It will continue until the end of the week... and there's yet another low pressure system not far behind it.'s Philip Duncan says the first system has subtropical elements to it.


"That basically means some of the wind and rain that's going to be coming down over the upper North Island especially will be coming from the sub tropics and that really just ups the rainfall totals. It makes a little more tropical, like when we get these big downpours."

Mr Duncan is expecting an extremely wet August.

He said areas such as Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne had been hit by "relentless downpours" for the last three weeks.

"So if they get more heavy rain it could certainly lead to more slips and more flooding and more road closures and more power cuts."

Only people in the lower half the South Island could expect to stay dry this week, Mr Duncan said.