Auckland was yesterday overrun with teenage girls in Justin Bieber T-shirts trying to get a glimpse of the pop star.

The most dedicated fans started their day at 5.30am outside the Langham Hotel, where the 18-year-old has reportedly booked out the top floor.

They showed up in homemade T-shirts, held signs and prepared to spend the day screaming at the twitch of a curtain.

Lillian Preston flew from Christchurch on Wednesday and dragged her best friend, Tori Amstad, with her.


The friends, both 17, didn't have tickets to yesterday's gig at the Cloud on Princes Wharf. All they wanted was to see their idol.

"Oh my God, or a photograph with him, or an autograph - anything. Imagine if I got to touch him," said Lillian.

About 2.30pm, Bieber's driver came out of the hotel and got into a car. Girls broke through the barrier and had to be restrained by the police.

But Bieber managed to slip out unnoticed and dropped into the Starship children's hospital about 3pm to visit its young patients.

Alfredo Flores, who is touring with Bieber, posted on Twitter: "Always need to mentally prepare myself for these children hospital visits. Really excited though."

Meanwhile, the 200 people lucky enough to get a ticket to the singer's exclusive showcase had to meet at Westpac's headquarters in Takutai Square to be ushered to the location. All Blacks Ali Williams and Anthony Boric were both in the audience.

Bieber's girlfriend, actress and singer Selena Gomez, is with him.

Ella Porter said seeing Justin live was amazing. "I came all the way from Nelson ... He's awesome in person."

The 21-year-old caregiver, who was at the concert with friend Ruby Johnston, said the show lasted about 45 minutes. "We were really close to the front. It was so exciting."

High school student Samantha Carey was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of both Justin and Selena at the Cloud after the gig.

"We hung around for a bit afterwards because we knew someone had to [come for] the gear. After a while Dan [Kanter], his guitarist, came."

The 16-year-old Epsom Girls Grammar student said she and a group of friends were invited to take photos and talk with the star's guitarist.

"We went down some stairs [at the Cloud]. I looked up and Selena and Justin were through some black curtains. They were holding hands and it was so cute. I got so overwhelmed that I sat down and cried."

Bieber is in the country for a whirlwind three-day promotional tour for his new album, Believe.