The actions of a Rotorua man who smashed his partner's head against concrete and the floor of a car have been described by his lawyer as an "object lesson" of the ravages of using methampetamine.

Wiremu Pomare Kingi, 25, was yesterday sentenced in the Rotorua District Court to six years' jail. He had previously pleaded guilty to two charges of kidnapping his partner and a charge each of injuring her with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, injuring her with intent to injure, assaulting her and threatening to kill.

Kingi will serve at least 3 years before he is eligible to apply for parole. Judge James Weir said Kingi attacked his partner between September 22 and 28 last year and the attacks increased in their intensity.

Kingi punched the victim and smashed her head against the concrete driveway and the floor of the vehicle. The victim was left with a swollen and bruised head. Her eyes were black and swollen shut. She suffered extensive bruising and had spinal injuries.


She spent two days in hospital and had suffered blackouts, dizziness and long-term hearing loss.

The victim had suffered emotionally with flashbacks of the attacks and depression.

In her victim impact statement, she said she thought she was going to die. She was so fearful of Kingi she had moved to Auckland.

Judge Weir said photographs of the injuries were graphic and he had found them difficult to look at.

He said the victim had said she been pressured by Kingi and his whanau to retract her statement.

Judge Weir said he accepted that Kingi was remorseful now he'd had time to reflect.

He said the starting point was eight years' jail which he reduced to 6 years to take account of Kingi's guilty plea and remorse.

Kingi had told a probation officer he had little recollection of the offending because of his heavy substance abuse.

Kingi's lawyer, Martin Hine, handed up a letter written by Kingi, who was remorseful and appalled at what he had done.

"It [the offending] is an object lesson for all the times we hear of the ravages of methamphetamine use."

Mr Hine said Kingi had wanted to apologise to the victim and her family. He had the support of his former partner who had said she hoped some good might come out of the incident which would make Kingi a better person.