Food prices rose 1.4 per cent in June, reflecting seasonally higher vegetable prices, Statistics New Zealand said today.

"While food prices rose in June 2012, they were 0.2 per cent lower than they were in June last year," prices manager Chris Pike said.

The most significant increase in June came from fruit and vegetables - up 9.0 per cent - mainly due to a seasonal increase in tomato prices (up 42 per cent, following a 58 per cent increase in May).

Seasonally higher prices were also recorded for avocados, nectarines, broccoli, and lettuce.


Prices for meat, poultry, and fish increased 1.3 per cent, with fresh chicken up 4.9 per cent and ham up 12 per cent.

Luxury food also increased, with prices rising on chocolate bars and blocks (up 9.3 per cent), gourmet cheese such as camembert (up 7.6 per cent), and boxes of chocolates (up 14 per cent).

Bread prices fell by 2.8 per cent and fresh milk prices dropped for the third month in a row.

Prices for restaurant meals and ready-to-eat foods rose slightly, by 0.3 per cent.

Non-alcoholic drinks dropped in price, mainly due to increased discounting on soft drinks (down 2.0 per cent) and tea (down 6.2 per cent).

For the year to June, food prices fell 0.2 per cent.