A couple from Auckland have come forward to become Lotto's latest millionaires - but still caught the bus to claim their prizemoney.

However, an extended trip to Europe and a new home are now on the cards after the couple claimed their $6.5 million prize yesterday in Wellington.

The winning Lotto Powerball ticket was drawn on June 30 and bought at The Fix St James in Auckland's Queen St.

Unlike Trevor, who went public after winning $26,598,265 in April, the couple are keen to keep their win under wraps.


They answered the Herald's questions through a Lotto representative, and declined to reveal details such as their age or family circumstances.

The man said they chose their own numbers and started buying Lotto only four weeks ago with the dream of building a travel fund.

"The first week we won $28, the next two weeks we won nothing, and then we were shocked with a $6.5 million win. Our travel fund is now looking extremely healthy."

They had planned to travel in Europe and still would, but the trip would be greatly extended and they would fly business class.

His partner, an early riser, checked their numbers on the internet at 6am on the Sunday after the draw. Asked about her reaction, she said: "A stunned mullet, times two."

They then bided their time so that they could claim the millions without drawing attention to their win.

"We have been going to work and trying to act normal, but all the time I have had a ticket worth $6.5 million in my handbag," the woman said.

"It has been very difficult to get any sleep in the past few days."

They have not splurged on anything and said they would keep working.

"We still caught the bus to the lotteries office from the airport. Winning millions was not enough to make us splash out on a taxi," the man said.

However, the couple said they would have to set aside $1 million to buy a new home.

A Lotto spokeswoman said the woman shook as she filled out the paperwork at the office yesterday afternoon. The prize was made up of $500,000 from Lotto First Division and $6 million from Powerball First Division.