Shocking incident left Sung Jin Kim a shattered man.

A former special forces soldier run down by an investment banker has shown his road rage scars and told how he is trying to rebuild his life.

Guy Hallwright, 60, a senior market analyst at Forsyth Barr, was found guilty on Friday of causing grievous bodily harm with reckless disregard.

Hallwright, from Parnell, was convicted after a five-day trial at Auckland District Court. The jury heard how in September 2010 he ran his Saab convertible into Sung Jin Kim and left him lying on Mt Eden Rd with two broken legs before driving off. The offence carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison.

Kim, 58, from Korea, runs an import business in East Tamaki.


He said his partner of seven years had asked him to leave last year because of his injuries and he was living in his warehouse.

Kim, who served in the Korean army and moved to New Zealand 11 years ago, said he spent three months in hospital after the incident.

He has since had multiple operations, has pins in his legs and has difficulty walking.

It was his old parachute training that saved him from worse harm when Hallwright's vehicle first hit him, he said, after he got out his own car to speak to him.

"When his car came at me, I put my hands on the bonnet and instinctively jumped in the air. My army training taught me how to land properly, but the real damage happened when he got me a second time as he was trying to get away."

Kim said almost two years after the incident he was still in severe pain and swam for three hours every day at his local pool to try to rebuild his legs.

"I have at least another year where I will be having more operations and trying to work is not easy," he said. "I have to live and sleep in my warehouse, which is very cold at night."

Kim insisted he had strong religious beliefs and harboured no grudges against Hallwright.

"I have absolutely no respect for that man because he knocked me down and drove away, and has not even told me he is sorry," Kim said.

"But when I was lying in the back of the ambulance in agony after it happened something told me I must forgive him, because I am a Christian. I don't hate him."

Speaking through the security intercom at his gated Parnell mansion - worth around $2.4m according to an Auckland Council valuation - Hallwright told the Herald on Sunday: "No comment. I have nothing to say."

Hallwright will be sentenced at the end of August.