Internet mogul Kim Dotcom opened the gates to his mansion yesterday to one of his Twitter followers, inviting him to the $30 million property for a "swim with Kim".

Dotcom joined Twitter last week and has become a prolific user, posting intimate photos that give a never-before-seen insight into his family and personal life.

Other photos poke fun at the charges he and his three Megaupload associates are facing - including their literal take on money laundering - complete with cash, sponge and soap suds.

Dotcom and his alleged co-offenders Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato took to the pool at the Coatesville property, posting photographs of their antics.


Auckland software maker Ben Gracewood follows Dotcom on Twitter and messaged him saying: "Do you guys just drive around in modified electric vehicles and pose for photos? I could live like that."

Dotcom quickly responded with: "Come over now!"

"Seriously! But bring some swimming trunks. Heated pool at 6pm. We tweet live."

Mr Gracewood and TVNZ Media7 reporter Jose Barbosa travelled to the mansion and joined Dotcom's pool party just before 6pm.

"Not wanting to push it, but can I bring one friend? Promise he's a good dude," Mr Gracewood wrote.

He later tweeted: "Just did some bombs at Kim Dotcom's. So. Weird."

Barbosa also posted photographs of the event.

Dotcom, who shared a photo of Batato wearing black swimming trunks with the word "pirate" on them, said it was a "wonderfully sunny Sunday at the mansion".

The invitation was not extended to other hopeful Dotcom fans who turned up at his gates, prompting Mr Gracewood to tweet: "Sorry but SwimAtKims is not an open invite. Poor people who turned up at the gate.

"Seriously, please don't turn up to the gate."

Dotcom later impressed the pair with his hospitality, serving up large platters of canapes and cupcakes.

"Cupcakes. This is outright debauchery," Mr Gracewood wrote.

Despite his ongoing tweets from the mansion, he refused to speak about his Sunday soiree.

"I'd rather not talk about that," he said.

Minutes later, he tweeted: "Thanks for the call @nzherald. It's just dudes in a pool. Hold the front page."