launched a website aimed at tracking down wanted criminals.' />

The police have launched a website aimed at tracking down wanted criminals.

The new site features offenders wanted for arrest, as well as individuals the police are keen to identify from CCTV footage.

National crime manager, Detective Superintendent Rod Drew, said the site is an additional tool for police to help track down offenders.

"It's going to give us a much broader audience of people with potential information about those we're looking for.


"We will still be using local media and Police Ten 7 to help us track down people, but offenders can move about pretty quickly, so having a national site gives us extra eyes out there," Mr Drew said.

The Wellington and Eastern police districts have already uploaded details of warrants for 31 people. The remaining districts are expected to have access to the site within the next eight weeks.

Not all of those who are wanted by Police will appear on the site. An image will only be posted if there are reasons of urgency, or the person cannot reasonably be located by other means.

Anyone with information about a person on the site, or their activities, are asked to contact police on 111 or their local police.