The trial of a man accused of running over a woman in front of her young son in the car park of an Auckland shopping mall has been adjourned for two days.

Christopher Shadrock pleaded not guilty to murdering Jian "Joanne'' Wang when he appeared at the High Court at Auckland today at the beginning of his trial.

The Crown said four of Shadrock's friends helped him shortly after the death in June, 2008.

They have been charged with helping Shadrock avoid the police despite knowing he was wanted for murder.


Maka Tuikolovatu has denied hiding Mrs Wang's handbag at his home.

Three others - Vila Lemanu, Lionel Tekanaw and Terence Tere - have denied destroying evidence, namely setting fire to a Nissan 4WD in the days following Mrs Wang's death.

A jury of nine women and three men were chosen to hear the trial this morning.

Justice Timothy Brewer told them the accused were facing a retrial but warned them not to go to the internet to "surf around''.

"These accused are entitled to have you decide the case against them solely on evidence that you heard called in this courtroom.''

The reasons for the retrial have been suppressed.

He adjourned the trial to Wednesday because "some matters had come up'' which he and the lawyers needed to deal with.

The trial has been set down for five weeks but Justice Brewer said it could be over in less than four weeks.

Mrs Wang died in hospital from head injuries after being knocked down by a four-wheel drive in the carpark of the Manukau Westfield shopping centre.

Her 8-year-old son witnessed the incident.