Michelle Jamieson used private obstetricians during pregnancy and delivery for all three of her children.

The Te Kowhai mother and her husband, Craig, decided on obstetric care because they didn't want to take any risks.

"Having a specialist for us was to give our children the ultimate start to their precious lives."

Milly, who is 6, Lucy, 3, and Tommy, 10 weeks, all had to be induced which carries a risk of complication but Mrs Jamieson said knowing she was in the best hands possible eased any concerns she had.


Under the care of obstetricians Dr V.P. Singh and Dr Lakshmi Ravikanti, Mrs Jamieson had up to eight extra appointments during her pregnancies on top of those with her midwife, the lead maternity carer.

The $3500 service included prenatal care, imaging and fetal assessment, blood testing, labour and delivery.

"V.P. and Lakshmi give the optimum level of care and expertise and that is so comforting. Their integrity, professionalism and clinical decisions throughout our pregnancy and delivery was simply the best."

The 36-year-old chose a midwife who was willing to work with the obstetricians.

Mrs Jamieson said it was sad Waikato women no longer had the option of using private specialists.

While they can still give birth in Waikato Hospital, it's unlikely women will see a specialist during the birth unless there are complications.

Mrs Jamieson said her own midwife was "absolutely fantastic" and her choice to have a specialist was nothing personal.

"I wouldn't do it without a specialist, and that's no disrespect to her or midwives in general.


"We just wanted the best possible care for me and our child and having our own specialist there to make critical calls for myself and our baby's life if needed."