Stories making headlines across New Zealand at noon include reports that aliens may have visited New Zealand recently, ghosts have apparently been spotted wandering around Wanganui and it has been revealed a slain journalist was a spy for the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Aliens may have visited Northland in the past five weeks, with one "credible" man apparently reporting seeing a UFO land in the region.

Meanwhile unexplained ghostly figures have reportedly been wandering around the Wanganui cenotaph, with the emergence of a new paranormal investigation group coinciding with a reported increase in paranormal activity.

This is how people can get ripped off in online auctions.


It has been revealed slain journalist Derek Round was a spy for the Soviets during the Cold War.

This is how to make a native bird species extinct in Northland and yes mindless poachers are involved.

A 91-year-old Kawakawa woman quietly called 111 when she heard someone smash a glass door pane and stayed calm as her house was burgled.

Everyone is hoping a baby pilot whale that washed up on 90 Mile Beach and returned to the sea has found its mother.

Boaties around Marsden Pt could be forgiven for thinking they have seen a Dalek floating around.

Between 55 and 60 babies will "needlessly" die this year.

Disgruntled XTRA users from across the nation are rallying around Hastings accountant Preston Epplett.

Two senior rugby players in Gisborne have been given a month long break from the game after they continued fighting as they left the field after being sent off for fighting, and risk the judiciary "coming down particularly hard" on them if they do it again.


It's High Noon in Carterton for members of the Pistol and Shooting Club.

It's boom time for tradesmen in Mid Canterbury.

Despite the human race having the technology and resources to end "the worst of global poverty" for the first time in history, politicians just can't be bothered, according to a University of Otago professor.

New Zealand artists had global potential but appeared to lack that "killer instinct", according to a former Netherworld Dancing Toy.

Meanwhile in Cobden a man said 'oh, f...k' when he saw police knocking on his door and proceeded to swallow $2000 worth of "P".

Top trending topics on Twitter at noon in New Zealand were: #HowToMakePeopleMad, #MassadSchoolsTour2012, The Blind Side, #MyBoxClothingLAUNCH, Hell Pizza, RIP Robin Gibb, Italy, Chelsea, West Ham, and New Zealand.