Observers have noted the apparent composure shown by Kara Hurring, a woman who by all accounts has been caught red-handed with her hand in the till.

However, her body language tells another story.

Clasped hands at the hips shows a need for self-protection. The left hand is positioned on top to contain her emotions.

An air of defiance with the thumb pressed on top of her hand shows a personality in conflict.


When stating "not guilty" her body and face remain still, but rapidly blinking eyes, turning into a glare, dare the questioner to challenge her.

Further inner lip biting (a pacifying gesture biting back words), then folding lips tightly in on themselves, shows "my lips are sealed".

This cluster of gestures suggests a high likelihood of deception.

A quick facial analysis shows a personality in conflict, an idealistic, fantasy-based take on the world, with a tendency to be easily swayed, alongside determined stubbornness.

It's easy to see how this type of personality could get caught up in such a dramatic adventure. Naively believing everything will turn out okay and experiencing surprise when it doesn't.