Making headlines across New Zealand at noon are a crime hatched while watching World's Dumbest Criminals, footage of some men who suddenly realised they were being filmed behaving badly in a taxi and a school after-ball that is limiting drinks to 8 cans per pupil this year.

The two Northland partners in crime who were Inspired by the television show "World's Dumbest Criminals" have done the show proud.

They haven't made it on TV yet but these allegedly drunken men in Lincoln suddenly realised they were being filmed by Taxi-Cam, and now they are starring on the Internet.

Robyn Stokes woke up yesterday and decided to annoy a lot of people by climbing an 80 year old Pohutukawa tree in Parua Bay.


David Eagle is lucky to be alive after suffering two broken bones in his right leg, a chunk out of his elbow, two split lips, facial grazes, a chip out of his left hip and fractures to his left shoulder, leg and ankle.

Former policeman and convicted pack rapist Brad Shipton, who served only three years of his 8 years sentence, now wants his parole conditions cancelled.

Accidents causing death and serious injury have occurred in Wairarapa, Northland, Taihape, Levin, Lawrence and Hampden.

Op Shops in Hamilton, who are dedicated to helping the needy, may feel justified in thinking they are being picked on.

Charlene McGechan's bad day in the kitchen means she's "going home with nothing to show for Mummy being away from home." But to the victor belong the spoils of food fights.

Up on Mt Ruapehu, they are leaping up and down and throwing snowballs.

If you are looking for a real estate bargain then why not consider buying an abandoned house.

Senior rugby players in Gisborne appear to have forgotten that the Poverty Bay RFU is part of the 'It's not OK' anti-violence campaign.


If you plan to travel through the Waioeka Gorge keep an eye out for falling debris.

Meanwhile in Hawke's Bay a business using XTRA email has just received three emails which were sent a week ago.

A Napier woman whose nose was broken by her boyfriend and was dunked in Pandora Pond until she thought she was going to die is still standing by her man.

Over in Dannevirke, a 10-year-old boy who violently damaged a police car and assaulted officers has been described as "a rare case." Meanwhile down South, a 15 year old allegedly stabbed his father in the neck and a 14-year-old Kerikeri boy allegedly slammed a shopping trolley into a random car that had two toddlers inside.

The noodle meals served at the Masterton Police Station cells are still making waves.

In Christchurch, lucky-to-be-alive Miley who featured in this column last week has bounced back but still has a cough from smoke inhalation.

School students attending the Mount Hutt College after-ball party are only allowed eight cans of beer this year with 5 per cent alcohol content or less in the "highest risk night in the district." Meanwhile Student Volunteer Army founder Sam Johnson is saying "no" to booze.

Her former canvases include Dave Grohl, Pink and some of the Playboy bunnies and now she is in Dunedin.

Over on the West Coast, police have now made a nationwide appeal to anyone else who has been showered with unexplained gifts from Paris.

Top trending topics on Twitter at noon in NZ were: #Target, #SomeoneIWantToMeet, Rebekah Brooks, Diablo III, New Zealand, Janoskians, Greece, #WhatAWomanNeeds, #HIMYM and #dimmakstudios90028_6pm