A bankrupt Hell Pizza franchisee has gone to police after a mass of emails he had sent and received were posted online.

Matt Blomfield says the information posted online by blogger Cameron Slater was taken from his office during a burglary in 2010.

Sergeant Grant Hand, of the North Shore police, confirmed a complaint had been received and was under investigation.

The security breach comes a year after Mr Blomfield's computers were seized by the Serious Fraud Office.


At the time, he said he was "squeaky clean".

Mr Slater started publishing the emails on his Whaleoil blog about 10 days ago. They were posted as attached files with a commentary by Mr Slater on what he believed they meant.

The emails charted Mr Blomfield's financial collapse and the end of his Hell Pizza string of stores.

Mr Blomfield, credited as being the pizza chain's marketing spark, owned a group of franchises which have gone into liquidation.

The emails published include a mix of work and personal items.

An email from Mr Blomfield to Mr Slater accused him of publishing information he was not entitled to have.

The email, published by Mr Slater, said: "The items which you have in your possession were stolen from my offices in a burglary which took place in 2010. The burglary was reported to the police at the time.

"I believe that you have been quite aware that the items and documents were stolen from me."


Mr Blomfield said any reasonable person would have concluded he should not have the information.

He said the email correspondence included comments sent to him by friends who would now be embarrassed if the content of their correspondence was public.

Mr Slater has denied that the emails are the product of a burglary, and says he has committed no crime in obtaining or publishing the contents.

He would not say where the emails came from.