Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom is going back to court in a bid for access to the internet.

In a challenge to bail conditions, Dotcom will tomorrow argue he needs email access to properly prepare his defence.

The founder of file-sharing website Megaupload was arrested and locked up pending extradition to the United States after a police raid on January 20.

Dotcom won bail after a month-long legal battle but was told he was not allowed online. His fortune has also been seized.


Crown lawyers, appearing for the US Department of Justice, claimed to be concerned he would start the business up again.

They also claimed he was a flight risk - but when Dotcom greeted the birth of his daughters Kylie and Keera 10 days ago, he took a dig at US authorities. "Guess what?" he said. "I'm still here."

Dotcom's lawyers argued the prospect of him starting the business up again was farcical. It was said there was no way Dotcom could get the massive file-sharing network going alone over an internet connection.

Dotcom's separation from the internet is the longest he has been offline for a decade.