A lesbian couple sabotaged the controversial "Win a Divorce" competition - turning the tables on the presenters.

The Rock radio station was slammed for the Valentine's Day prank hosted by Jono Pryor and Robert Taylor which was set to have someone telling their spouse they were leaving live on air. In exchange, the station would pay for the divorce.

In the lead-up to yesterday evening's call, a woman called Sam said she entered the competition because things had not been good lately with her husband, "Andy".

When a woman answered, Taylor seemed taken aback and wondered if they had the right number.


"No, this isn't Andy. It wasn't Andy to start with you f***ing idiots," said a woman who identified herself as Sam's wife, Amber.

After a couple of seconds of silence, Pryor began to speak but Amber interrupted: "So how does it feel you two - how does it feel like, being on the other end of something?

"We sabotaged you, you dickheads."

Sam said she was appalled by the competition. "It's disrespectful to women and all your listeners and I cannot believe that you were going to let this go ahead."

Once the presenters understood that their prank had been sabotaged, Pryor said: "I feel like I'm in an episode of Scooby Doo and we're figuring out how you caught us out."