The outgoing Dean of quake-crippled Christ Church Cathedral, Peter Beck has won a place on Christchurch's troubled city council.

Preliminary results for the Burwood-Pegasus by-election in the eastern suburbs show Reverend Beck is the highest polling candidate to represent the ward. Voting closed at noon today.

According to preliminary results, 13,935 votes were received - 4804 for Mr Beck; 2821 for David East; 1674 for Stan Tawa; 1492 for Rod Cameron; 1473 for Linda Stewart; 660 for Steve Burke; 464 for Rik Tindall; 444 for Bob Tomkins and 57 for Raymond Ellwood.

The result is based upon a turnout of 35 per cent.


The position was left empty last year after the shock resignation of councillor Chrissie Williams.

The council has been the subject of national headlines after chief executive Tony Marryatt was given a massive pay rise. He turned it down after a public backlash but thousands attended a protest last week against the council's performance in the aftermath of the quakes.