Multi-sport legend Steve Gurney has been offered diversion by police over a charge of careless driving after smashing into a speeding train at a level crossing.

The nine-time Coast to Coast champion previously pleaded guilty to the charge, and spoke of his "disappointment'' that he was being taken to court for what was simply a "mistake'' and a "blur.''

Gurney, 48, was lucky to walk away with only minor injuries when his Subaru Outback 4WD crashed into an early-morning passenger train at a railway crossing near Rangiora on September 20, last year.

The train driver and passengers escaped uninjured.


There were no warning bells, lights or barriers at the crossing. But there is a stop sign and warning saying, 'Look for trains.'

Police charged the endurance athlete with careless driving - a charge he pleaded guilty to in November.

Yesterday Gurney appeared at Rangiora District Court to meet police, who offered him the chance to avoid a formal court prosecution by accepting the diversion scheme for first offenders.

His case was adjourned for two weeks to allow him to consider the offer.