A euthanasia campaigner is furious the court published his home detention address online, opening him up to an attack from vigilantes.

Scientist Sean Davison was sentenced to five months' home detention after the Herald on Sunday revealed he had helped his cancer-ravaged mother, Patricia, kill herself by helping her to drink water containing crushed morphine tablets.

Last weekend, a brick with a death threat attached was hurled through his window.

He sought the court's approval to move to another friend's house, but that friend has now backed out after probation officers said they couldn't guarantee that her address would be kept private.


Davison said anyone with internet access could have found his address, after a detailed Dunedin High Court judgment containing his address was published online.

His friend, who asked not to be named, had concerns for her family's safety.

Council of Civil Liberties spokesman Batch Hales said courts had no right to publish home addresses in general, and not in contentious cases like Davison's.