The man dubbed the country's "most dangerous stalker" had a photo of an alleged victim saved on his cellphone, according to police.

Glenn Green, 41, appeared at the North Shore District Court yesterday to face two charges of harassment. He pleaded not guilty to both.

Judge David Harvey said Green had written to the court asking to take part in a restorative justice programme.

He said such a session was impossible because Green denied the charges. Court rules only allow defendants who plead guilty to go through the process, which involves meeting their victims.


"Given the nature of the charges, it would be totally inappropriate," Judge Harvey said.

Court documents show Green phoned, sent pictures and wrote letters to one of his alleged victims, causing her to fear for her safety. He also downloaded a photo of the 19-year-old woman and saved it as the "wallpaper" on his cellphone.

"When questioned, the defendant initially claimed it was his daughter 'Olivia'," police say.

Police claim they found a photo of the same woman next to her contact details in the phone. She was the only contact on his phone with a photo, they said.

Other documents found at Green's home included an address book and scraps of paper with the woman's contact details.

Police say he started contacting her after seeing her in media reports. Her identity has been suppressed.

Green first made contact by calling her mother's home, police allege. He told her they had met at a party and persuaded her to give him her cellphone number so he could send photos of himself.

The woman told police she had never met Green and ignored his text messages.


Green's harassment was "constant and persistent" and the woman had to stop studying, move house and change her cellphone number, police claim.

They say Green then contacted the woman's grandfather and convinced him he was a friend of his granddaughter. The grandfather gave Green her new number.

Green also wrote to the woman's mother, calling himself "Glenn Costellano". The letter included more photos.

Police allege Green also sent "abusive text messages" which frightened the 19-year-old.

Community Magistrate Dianne Hale refused Green bail when he appeared last month. She said he had committed more than 100 offences while on bail.

At that hearing police described Green as "the most dangerous stalker in New Zealand at the moment".

The case will be heard by a judge alone at a defended hearing in March.