A hearing about child pornography charges against the Pitcairn Island mayor have been interrupted by technical difficulties today.

Michael Warren was charged with possessing indecent images of children following search warrants of his home and office in May.

He has pleaded not guilty.

At Papakura District Court today he appeared via video-link from the island's courthouse.


However, proceedings were interrupted several times because of technical problems with the video picture and sound.

Warren wants the charges dealt with on Pitcairn Island and is challenging the jurisdiction of the court hearing taking place in New Zealand.

Justice Her Ladyship Jane Lovell-Smith is presiding over the two-day hearing involving Kieran Raftery for the Crown and Warren's lawyer Tony Ellis.

"Obviously he's the mayor of Pitcairn and it's always better for people to be trialled in their home," said Mr Ellis.

"I'm saying it's the export of the judicial system from one country to another that's not proportional or necessary."

The island is governed by its own law but court proceedings are allowed to take place in a New Zealand court.

The hearing continues.