A mother who killed her child has given birth while in prison.

Maine Annabella Ngati and her partner Teusila Fa'asisila were each sentenced to eight years and six months' for the manslaughter of Ngati's 3-year-old son Ngatikaura Ngati in 2007. They were ordered to serve a minimum of four years and eight months.

Ngati appeared before the Parole Board on November 7 and was denied release. However, the board's decision revealed she had given birth in prison.

"She has a lot of children and we believe she has even given birth to another child while on this prison sentence. That child has been fostered or adopted into the community," the report said.


A jury in the High Court at Auckland heard how Ngati would punch her son in the face, strike him with a stick and whack him around the head.

Ngatikaura had transformed from a happy and confident boy to a terrified child who would mess his pants then try to throw the evidence out of the window to avoid beatings.

He was hit with weapons including a bat, and his blood was found throughout the house, including on the ceiling.

Ngati would be entitled to reapply for parole in 12 months and Fa'asisila would go before the board this month.

Corrections psychological services director Nikki Reynolds said the department would consider a request for Ngati to have counselling.