Tim Anderson vomited every kilometre for the second half of his half marathon and all for a good cause.

Anderson ran the Fullers GreatSights Kerikeri Half Marathon yesterday, eating a pie per kilometre for 21km to raise money for charity.

"The first half was a lot more enjoyable than the second half," Anderson said.

He said at first he was doing a good pace but about halfway, he started vomiting and getting slower.


"It was horrible," he said.

"I was thinking 'oh my God, I don't want another pie'."

It started after he joked that a half marathon wouldn't be challenging unless he ate a pie every kilometre, in the wake of a good time in the Auckland Marathon last month.

A colleague got people to pledge money for charity if Anderson did it.

He did the half marathon in 2 hours, an hour more than he could have managed without pies, he thought.

He said drinking water and Powerade with the pies helped keep him going.

The hardest part was eating a bacon and egg pie at the 11km mark.

"It was really dry, hard to get down and I knew I had another 10 pies to get down."


Following the run he didn't feel like pie.

"I think I might take a week or so off, but I'm not going to swear off them."

Not all the money had been collected, but Anderson was hoping to get around $2000.

He is donating the money raised to Movember and to a close family friend who is having breast cancer treatment, so she can take her two young children on holiday.

Auckland dietitian and sports nutritionist Caryn Zinn said the run was a silly thing to do, although it wouldn't cause any long-term damage.

"I think it's fairly irresponsible, there would be better ways to raise money."