When Kiwi lad Lucky Diamond Rich was 6, he would cover his body with temporary tattoos found in bubble-gum wrappers.

Now the World's Most Tattooed Man according to the Guinness Book of World Records has just one tattoo - but it's real and covers his entire body.

Lucky - real name Gregory Paul McLaren - is so tattooed he is now tattooing white on top of the black, and coloured designs on top of white.

Every part of his body is inked, including his eyelids and gums and other unmentionable places.


Lucky, now living in Australia, is a special guest at next weekend's Auckland International Tattoo Convention and will also juggle chainsaws and swallow swords.

Tattooed Auckland stylist Tamzyn Elliott says any stigma associated with tattoos has gone now.

She has never felt uncomfortable about showing her arms.

Over 10 years she has added a care bear, cherries, strawberries, butterflies, a lolly scramble and shooting stars to her arms.

"I have people in the supermarket stopping me to ask about them and wanting to touch my tattoos," Elliott says.

She planned to add to her collection at the convention because her favourite artist, Rose Hardy, is visiting from Australia.

Auckland International Tattoo Convention, November 26 and 27, ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane.