Auckland Council has formally asked Occupy protesters to leave Aotea Square and is threatening a trespass notice if they ignore the request.

Protesters have been camping out in the central Auckland square since last month as part of a global protest movement.

Auckland Council said today it had presented a formal request for the protesters to name a specific date they would leave the square.

If the request was ignored, a trespass notice would be issued.


Such a notice may not be enforced by police, who did not enforce a trespass notice issued to Dunedin protesters due to Bill of Rights implications.

Police this morning confirmed they would be taking a nationally consistent approach.

Auckland Council general counsel Wendy Brandon said the council was following strict legal guidelines and would take all reasonable steps before seeking enforcement action.

"It is the view of Auckland Council that it is time the space occupied by the campers in Aotea Square is returned to the people of Auckland," she said.

"We have been in constant discussions with the campers and they have accepted all of council's requests, such as security, food hygiene and noise, except they continue to ignore our request to leave."