The man who jumped on the bonnet of a car in an attempt to stop illegal rubbish dumping died today, Waikato Police said.

Warren Deane, 41, confronted a man trying to dump rubbish on vacant land in Hamilton, and ended up grabbing on to the bonnet of the offending man's car.

The car reportedly travelled with Mr Deane still on the bonnet, until he fell and rolled away from the vehicle.

Mr Deane died today a little less than a week after entering hospital. Police said a post-mortem will be held Wednesday, and the coroner will determine the cause of death.


"We are not in a position to confirm how Mr Deane suffered his fatal injuries other than to say some media reports that he was crushed by a car are incorrect," acting detective senior sergeant Andy Bu Bear of the Hamilton Police said in a press release.

Mr Deane was admitted after the accident last Thursday, and family members flew in from England to be at his bedside.

"I would like to offer the condolences of the Waikato Police to his family and assure them this matter is being dealt with in a thorough and professional manner," Mr Bu Bear said.

The Waikato University student lives at Brookfield Accommodation in Hillcrest, across the road from where the accident happened.

His Twitter account says: "Retired from capitalist pursuits to study philosophy & psychology, it's chasing my bliss, are you chasing yours?"

The driver of the car, 62, has been arrested and will appear in Hamilton District Court tomorrow charged with failing to stop or ascertain injury. Police would not rule out further charges but refused to comment further.