Wife killer Malcolm Webster is under special protection after getting a beating in jail.

The former Takapuna resident was battered in the head and body by an enraged fellow con armed with a metal pole.

Webster, 52, is serving 30 years for killing his first wife for $400,000 in life insurance and trying to kill his second wife in an identical staged car crash.

The Sun newspaper reported a source at Shotts jail in Lanarkshire said Webster was a "marked man" and was attacked in an engineering shed.


"He has a black eye and a bad head wound," he said.

"The guy who did it wanted to do him because of his crime. He'll always have to be on his guard."

Webster was moved to protective custody after the beating 10 days ago.

In July, he was convicted of murdering Claire Morris, 32, in Aberdeenshire in 1994, then trying to kill his second wife, New Zealand-born Felicity Drumm, in Auckland five years later.

- Herald On Sunday