Killer Beez gang boss Josh Masters has been given one last chance to fight his serious drugs charges.

Masters appeared in the High Court at Auckland today facing charges including supplying methamphetamine, conspiracy to supply methamphetamine and money laundering.

Masters pleaded guilty on the morning of his trial, in September last year

According to the Crown, Masters had at one point agreed to be sentenced. He then asked for a disputed facts hearing and now is asking that his guilty plea be revoked so his matter could go to trial.


At his last appearance Crown prosecutor Bruce Northwood said Masters was "toying with the system".

Today Justice Pamela Andrews gave Masters 48 hours to make an application to vacate his guilty plea.

Justice Andrews said that if Masters does not make the application by 4pm on Friday, he will be sentenced in November.

At a callover last month, Masters was given another month to apply for legal aid.

It is not known if that application was successful.

Masters and 43 other gang members were arrested in May 2008, after a police raid which seized several hundred thousand dollars worth of methamphetamine.

Several members of the gang were jailed in 2009 on drugs charges.