A dog who was taken to animal control thanks to his appetite for tyres is now lounging in luxury at an Auckland hotel and day spa for pets.

Bruno, a 7-year-old mixed-breed dog from South Auckland, is enjoying a large bed and flat screen television at his "rehab" residence as he tries to come to terms with a car accident in his past.

That accident is blamed for Bruno's post-traumatic stress, which drove him to chomp through the tyres of two patrolling police cars last Sunday before taking a bite into a tyre on the animal control services vehicle that came to take him into custody.

Rob and Carole Ellis, owners of Pets in the City, offered to take Bruno from the pound until his owners constructed a dog run for him.

Bruno's executive suite features a large bed, toys and television streaming Animal Planet and Nickelodeon.

"He's gone from prison to a hotel," said Mrs Ellis.

"He's a beautiful dog. He's got a wonderful personality. He's a very, very gentle dog and responds well to people and to other dogs."

Owner Jayne Gock, 54, said Mr and Mrs Ellis were providing the service free of charge while her family built a compound for Bruno, which animal control services said must be 3m by 3m, with fences 1.8m high.

Ms Gock has visited Bruno at the Mt Wellington facility almost every day.

Her mother, Fay Gock, 75, said Bruno attacked certain vehicles because he was run over by a truck when he was a puppy.

"He would have a go at their tyres because it was the tyre that ran him over. The tyre has registered in his memory."

Mrs Ellis, who considers herself a "dog listener", said she had been working with Bruno to help him socialise with other dogs as well as working with the owners to keep the dog safe once returned.

"Although his problem is quite unique, in that he doesn't target every vehicle and just ones that he finds threatening. Carole will help find a way to live with Bruno," said Mrs Gock.