About three years ago we asked about street signage when Clarks Lane was dissected by the new State Highway 18 motorway. You forwarded the email to Waitakere City Council and their representatives got lost trying to find us.

Now Sinton Rd has also been cut off, due to motorway works, and a new access road constructed about 1.5km away. Unfortunately, there are no detour signs or any indication how to find Clarks Lane, Sinton Rd or Ockleston Landing. Police, couriers, friends, wedding guests and our business customers have all had difficulties getting to our home and business. Auckland Council, Transport Agency and HEB Construction all shift responsibility to each other for signage. Are you able to help please? Anthony and Janet Koenen, Hobsonville.

Persistence pays - eventually. On April 7, Auckland Transport installed redirection signs to advise drivers of the new access locations. These signs are at Sinton Rd (old)/Hobsonville Rd intersection, Clark's Lane (old)/Hobsonville Rd intersection and Sinton Rd (new)/Brigham Creek Rd roundabout.

If residents have particular concerns with signage in this area, they can contact Alex Deng at Auckland Transport on 355 3553. He will be happy to discuss and resolve any signage issues with them.


We live near one of the newly redeveloped train stations (Baldwin Ave). It's nice, bright and clean for train users but inefficient for drivers when the crossing barrier is activated by a passing train. Let me explain. When heading down Rossgrove Tce to reach Asquith Ave, the barrier comes down with a westbound train ... and remains down with bells a-ringing even when the train is stopped at the platform and when it is well clear of the crossing, with no train approaching from the other direction. Drivers and passengers then have to wait two or three minutes sometimes till the westbound leaves the platform. At busy times, traffic can be backed right up Rossgrove and right down Wairere Ave. I am wondering if this is because the longer trains are keeping a barrier activated when there's no need? Robin Kearns, Mt Albert.

It's a safety issue. Auckland Transport is working with KiwiRail and Veolia Transdev to monitor this crossing so road users are not held up any longer than necessary, while ensuring appropriate levels of protection remain to warn motorists and pedestrians of approaching trains. Train drivers have been reminded to check where they stop at Baldwin Ave to ensure they clear the trigger point and release the barrier arm at the crossing.

Are cyclists who ride in the bike lane on the Tamaki Drive footpath - in the dark - required to have a light? Ross Stevenson, Auckland.

The official code for cyclists states that cycle lights must be on when it's dim or dark. This applies to cycle lanes.