Prime Minister John Key says he would back either Rodney Hide, John Boscawen or Heather Roy to be a minister in the executive, and would meet with Act party leader Don Brash tomorrow to discuss the ministerial posts.

Under the confidence and supply agreement between Act and National, Act is entitled to have two ministers in the Government, but outside cabinet.

The appointed ministers would have to have the confidence of both the Prime Minister and the party leader.

Mr Key said he did not lose confidence in Mrs Roy when she resigned as a minister last August; she resigned because she had lost the confidence of Mr Hide, who was then party leader.

He again ruled out Sir Roger Douglas as a minister, and said it was unlikely Hilary Calvert would be considered, as she had only just entered parliament in September.

Ms Calvert told the Herald at the weekend she did not expect to be a minister and she did not think she could do it justice.

At the moment Mr Hide is the minister for Local Government, Regulatory Reform and Associate Education. Mr Boscawen is Consumer Affairs Minister and Associate Commerce Minister.