A group of Christchurch skateboarders have made the most of their city's devastated roads and pavements in a video posted on YouTube.

In the clip, called Quaked - skating in Christchurch after Earthquake - Jack Woodrow, Kent Edgeworth, Kurt Green, Tom Clark, Shane Jones, James Kingston, Zack Gray and Ben McConnell duck under the occasional do not enter tape to perform tricks on the quake-created ramps and bumps.

One of the skater's attempts to clear a crack doesn't come off, however, falling into a chasm on a devastated section of Bealey Ave.

In another scene, the ambitious skaters get a warning from the police.

Stuntdubs, whose YouTube account the clip was posted on, edited the footage.

"All our historic town spots are gone, there's dust everywhere, the bumps look better then they are. Still its kinda cool that every street can be reexplored," they wrote.

"Christchurch for life. Nothing can stop us."

Comments posted on the video are almost entirely positive.

"Wow guys, this really blew my mind, and I am a 34-year-old mum, really made me smile, talent on two levels, the skating and the filming! I'm jealous of both!!! Well done," wrote stopbeingnasty.

"This is one of the most creative things I've seen to come out of the quake. Great skating guys!" starlifterradio commented.

"At first i thought, 'bloody disrespectful vandals' then i thought, 'nah, just young kids making the best of a bad situation' a well put together vid, and i'm glad you didn't include shots of you giggling when you came off. that would have cheapened it," kosmokrator2000.

- NZ Herald staff