The Star and would like to give the people of Christchurch the chance to say thank you to all those who helped out in the aftermath of the February 22 earthquake.

After the 6.3 magnitude earthquake offers of help and volunteers flooded into the region for those who had lost loved ones, livelihoods and property.

There were many unsung heroes on the ground; the neighbour who shared food; strangers who offered lifts and a smile; the volunteer who knew where the nearest water supply was.

The Star and would like to give those affected the chance to thank everyone who helped out in every way, no matter how small.

Messages of thanks can be posted on - those messages will appear online and be printed in The Star.

A National Memorial Service for victims of the earthquake will be held in Christchurch on March the 18th.

It will begin at 12.45pm and two minutes' silence will be observed at 12.51pm.