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Five-week-old Taneysha Gail Prattley was being walked down Manchester St to a bus stop with her mother, father, aunt and grandfather when the earthquake struck.

Her father, Glenn Prattley, pushed his sister Rochelle out of the way of falling glass, almost certainly saving the 21-year-old's life, but both siblings were knocked unconscious.

When he came to in Christchurch Hospital, Taneysha and her mother Kelsey Moore were nowhere to be found.

On March 8, 2011, police confirmed both mother and baby had died.


While wheelchair-bound in Christchurch Hospital, Mr Prattley, 28, told the Herald-Sun newspaper of the anguish of waiting.

"It's especially worse, given my daughter is only five weeks old. I only just managed to get out of there alive, let alone my five-week-old daughter being able to get out ..."

His mother, Gail Prattley, said Taneysha was a tiny baby and weighed only 2.6kg when she was born.

"He saved Rochelle's life, but then he lost his daughter and his partner in the process," Mrs Prattley said.

"She was gorgeous. Just a wee, wee, wee dot ... but they adored her, absolutely adored her."