One man is making the best of a bad situation and is selling the 25 to 30 tonne rock which destroyed his home after the quake.

Phil Johnson lovingly refers to the boulder as "Rocky" and is auctioning it on Trade Me as a landscape feature designed to create an indoor/outdoor flow.

Last Tuesday, the 6.3 magnitude earthquake dislodged the boulder which bounced down Morgan's Valley and destroyed Mr Johnson's house after crashing through his garage.

Police cordoned off his house and he was evacuated with his wife to a friend's house.

Homeless and bored, Mr Johnson decided to place Rocky on Trade Me to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake relief fund.

Since listing it on Monday morning, he has been inundated with hundreds of questions and comments, which he expects will continue until the auction ends next Monday.

He said his fingers have been getting a work-out. "Which is lucky because my gym's been destroyed."

Mr Johnson is now homeless but is "incredibly lucky" none of his family were killed in the rockslide.

"So I thought we may as well turn a bad situation into a good one. It's been a bit of therapy for me as well, I'm quite enjoying it ... it's a good distraction."

He said people had responded well to the auction, especially those who had found themselves in a similar situation.

One of Mr Johnson's favourite replies is: "I'm a single woman and would like to know if Rocky is interested in a serious relationship. Here are some of the traits of my ex, eg, no personality, stoned all the time, sits on his arse and does nothing and I guarantee the TV remote is under him somewhere."

He has not yet had any negative feedback and he thinks the auction has been a welcome distraction for many people who are suffering.

All of the proceeds will go to the Christchurch earthquake relief fund and the winner can have their picture taken with Rocky or take it away with them.