A Dunedin Burger King worker who kept her job and was instead given final warning after complaining about her job on Facebook says she stands by her comment that "real jobs don't underpay and overwork people like BK does".

The company held a private disciplinary meeting yesterday over the message posted by Julie Tyler, 27, which was brought to her manager's attention by another employee.

At the meeting her employers decided that rather than being sacked, she would be given a second final warning.

Ms Tyler was already on her final warning after receiving two previous complaints, including one for telling an abusive customer, "Like you need it".

Ms Tyler told the Otago Daily Times she was relieved to keep her job and stood by her comments saying it was about "freedom of speech".

Unite union campaign officer Joe Carolan said yesterday that Burger King's decision to give her a final warning over the Facebook comments would be appealed.

"We will be appealing for Julie because a company can't control what people think. The company doesn't have a right to control the opinions of its staff in a democracy," he said.

The union would take the issue to court if necessary as in the context of the low minimum wage rise yesterday, many workers might be feeling like this and should have a right to hold their own opinions, Mr Carolan said.

The minimum wage was raised 25 cents to $13 an hour yesterday.

Burger King spokeswoman Rachael Allison said Unite Union had chosen to single out one incident of Ms Tyler's conduct in order to draw attention to their cause.